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Examples of non-violence - Sam PF's Journal
March 11th, 2012
01:56 am


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Examples of non-violence
And one to catch up a little...

Probably the place where I've been finding recently the most discussion of practical non-violence, and how people are doing it in various situations, is Sojourners, a progressive Evangelical community in the US. (I get the monthly print mag, and the weekly emails). They had a whole issue on the Arab Spring recently, for example, delving deeply into how the Egyptian non-violent movement had been built up for a long time before things actually broke out.

In the February issue, they had an article on Colombia, Standing up to death squads. (Free registration required). One thing the article does is to comprehensively demolish any notion that the right-wing paramilitaries are a thing of the past, all nicely disarmed and demobilized. Not so much. The other is to describe numerous creative non-violent ways in which groups that are victims of paramilitary violence (and that of the FARC) are fighting back.

Perhaps the most extraordinary story is that of the Nasa indigenous people, who have established a 5,000-strong non-violent army of men and women (armed only with ribbon-decorated ceremonial staffs), who intervene en masse where people or groups are at risk from paramilitaries, rebels, or the Colombian military. And they actually get results - in part because, brutal as the paramilitaries are, too many bodies all in one go would draw too much unwanted attention.

Ooh, here's another story about the Nasa Indigenous Guard, this one from 2006.

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Date:March 12th, 2012 02:21 am (UTC)
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