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Many meetings - Sam PF's Journal
April 15th, 2012
02:00 am


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Many meetings
Ah well, the posting every day thing fell off rather towards the end. Still, posted way more than had been my habit.

Easter was good - didn't do a great deal. Went to the English Church in Stockholm, part of the C of E Diocese of Europe, for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Kind of wanted something reasonably familiar for Easter. Seems a good place, and very good music in particular. Don't know if it's where I'll end up yet.

Anyway, tomorrow I am off to the US, Washington DC and New York, for the launch of SIPRI's military expenditure data for 2011. Very exciting. SIPRI has just launched our new SIPRI North America branch, so we're doing a series of events in conjunction with them - the data launches in particular - to make a bit of a splash Stateside.

Apart from our own launch event, I will be doing presentations at the World Bank, a UN side-event, the US State Department, and a group of peacenik academics at a New York uni. (Somehow I think I'll enjoy the last one most).

Plus I will, albeit briefly, get to visit the family in Croton-on-Hudson and New Haven.

What with the likely substantial number of info requests from journalists, promises to be a busy week, but hopefully stuff should calm down after that.

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