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Shadow World - Sam PF's Journal
October 22nd, 2016
07:18 am


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Shadow World
I was in New York last weekend, for the New York launch of the movie Shadow World, by Johann Grimonperez, based on the book, The Shadow World: inside the global arms trade, by Andrew Feinstein, who also worked extensively on the film. Andrew, as I've mentioned, is one of the people in the group I've been in, working with World Peace Foundation on their global arms project that I'm now running.

It was a very powerful film, extremely well put together. (It won Best Documentary at the Edinburgh Film Festival earlier this year). It is partly on the international arms trade, with some entertaining/revealing/horrifying interviews with a very candid arms broker (who apparently is now in prison in Portugal), but also, moreso than the book, on US wars and militarism more generally; but it manages to fuse these two elements together pretty well, with some apparopriate readings of his work by Eduardo Galeano interspersed. Not a whole lot that I wasn't aware of, though some things, but as I say well put together and effective in its impact.

Full disclosure: I am actually in it for about 15 seconds as a talking head. So now I am wondering if I have a Bacon Number. (I might already as I was in an episode of Mark Thomas Comedy Product). And if so if I have a Bacon-Erdos number, as I have co-authored one maths paper.

It is also a salient reminder that, for all that Obama has done that is praiseworthy, there is plenty on the foreign policy front that is pretty dismal, perhaps the drone wars in particular, and that he really only looks at all good when grading on a curve. And that Hillary promises to be worse. (Yes, still unimaginably better than the alternative).

There was a Q&A afterwards with Andrew and with Anna Macdonald of Control Arms, which went on way longer than scheduled, a lot of people with questions. And I was invited to give a brief spiel about the work we're doing at WPF and hand out fliers, to justify my train fare.

Anyway, the film is definitely recommended. It has apparently already had a 3-week run in London, don't know if it will be on anywhere else in the UK. We are still trying to organize a showing in Boston.

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Date:October 22nd, 2016 05:32 pm (UTC)
Damn, that sounds amazing. I wonder if it'll show in Toronto. If not, is there a way to watch it somehow?
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Date:October 24th, 2016 12:46 am (UTC)
They're trying to sort out both theatre and broadcast releases in various parts of the world. Apparently it's showing on Swedish TV on 31 October. I would guess it will make it to Canada at some point in one form or other... if not presumably there'll be a DVD at some point.
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Date:October 22nd, 2016 06:31 pm (UTC)
Good to hear!

I've emailed one of the contacts given on the http://shadowworldfilm.com website to see if they will eventually be releasing it as a DVD for purchase.
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