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Sam PF
12 May 1969
Stockholm, Sweden
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About me... I work at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, researching military expenditure. Previously I was an Economics lecturer (specialising in Defence & Peace Economics). I am a Christian (formerly Roman Catholic, now a liberalish vaguely catholic with a small c, looking for a new church; a raving lefty (I would loosely describe myself as a Libertarian Socialist), a (lately somewhat inactive) peace activist (particularly at the moment around the issue of Palestine, where I have paid two visits with the International Solidarity Movement), and a moderately fanatical Buffy, Angel and Firefly fan. Not necessarily in that order. Otherwise I am into classical & folk music, sci fi/fantasy, and cycling amongst other things. My journal tends to be a mix of political stuff, Buffy fanfic, and the occasional life update.

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